Crown Royal Shoot in Snoqualmie with MKTG Inc.

I occasionally get thrown event photography jobs from an old friend, Kirk. He is a Seattle-based photographer and if he double-books himself or can’t do a shoot, he recommends me to his client. So some of the shoots I get via Kirk come to me last–minute, but they’re all well worth it. And this one was no exception.

“Do you want to shoot in the mountains for Crown Royal whiskey for a few hours next Saturday?”

Of course I did, and one of the perks of this particular job was that I received a lift ticket to Snoqualmie Summit West and was able to have one last snowboarding session of 2016 before the season ends. I had a new snowboard and a bright attitude. Not only did I get a few runs in that morning, this shoot was one of my favorites to date.

Have you ever seen a pond skim? Neither had I until this lifestyle marketing shoot with Crown Royal and MKTG Inc. Enjoy the party!

Alexandra Gunnoe, Seattle-based Photographer.