Abandoned Buildings Make the Best Photography Sets by Alexandra Gunnoe

So I’m doing things a bit backward but I wanted to include a blog post about an old, abandoned building I stumbled upon awhile ago, even though I’ve already posted the outcome of our photography shoot here.  I had seen this really intriguing building from the side of the road for months but never seemed to have the time to go explore it.  When I finally had a day to myself I trekked out there on foot and finally got to see the inside.  There was no place near to park so I had to walk through an overgrown field filled with sticker bushes and rocks.  When I finally made it I was so surprised to find the building was even more amazing than I could have imagined.  Each room was completely different from the one before and my mind just started flowing with ideas.  For a Seattle photographer such as myself, this old, British WWII lookout tower stirred up so much creativity and was the perfect background for a fashion shoot.  This building truly was a gift of inspiration and I feel such a very strong connection to the images that produced within its walls.

*These photos were taken with my phone. To see the outcome of the shoot, read this blog post.

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*Disclaimer: I’m migrating my blog posts over from blogspot to AlexandraGunnoe.com and the dates are a bit different.

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