1. Melissa and Dave’s Seattle Canlis Wedding

    29 Jul 2016
    I got my feet wet in photography shooting weddings in the UK and for several years they made up 80% of my business. Nearly every weekend was spent traveling to some part of England or Scotland I’d never been to, and it was a great way for me to get…

  2. Crown Royal Shoot in Snoqualmie with MKTG Inc.

    27 Mar 2016
    I occasionally get thrown event photography jobs from an old friend, Kirk. He is a Seattle-based photographer and if he double-books himself or can’t do a shoot, he recommends me to his client. So some of the shoots I get via Kirk come to me last–minute, but they’re all well…

  3. Late Summer Shoot with Sedona in Bellevue

    27 Mar 2016
    Shooting with Sedona at sunrise near one of Bellevue’s best-kept secret lakes. Have you ever found someone to work with through Instagram? I hadn’t but this shoot changed things. First, let me back up - in a resolution to get in shape, I started running four miles every day last…

  4. Alexandra Gunnoe Photography Behind-the-Scenes Video

    28 Oct 2015
    I just wanted to quickly share a Behind-the-Scenes video I put together awhile ago from our last 1930’s-inspired Vintage Photo Shoot in Bideford, Devon (UK).  This was one of my favorite shoots, and you can tell this from the fact my homepage features one of the images.  Though I’m living…

  5. Seattle Photographer in England for a 1930’s-Inspired Fashion Shoot

    30 Sep 2015
    I really can’t say enough good things about our last vintage fashion shoot.  It was one of those times where all the details came together and it was a completely smooth experience.  I often try to prepare myself for a few things going wrong so if they do, I don’t…

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