Seattle Photographer in England for a 1930’s-Inspired Fashion Shoot

I really can’t say enough good things about our last vintage fashion shoot.  It was one of those times where all the details came together and it was a completely smooth experience.  I often try to prepare myself for a few things going wrong so if they do, I don’t freak out.  When the day is completely smooth I’m a little surprised.  But being our sixth Vintage Bus Shoot, I felt like I knew what I was doing and what to expect.  And when things are that good you should celebrate it, right?  The icing on the cake is that three of the images from this shoot were published on VOGUE Italia.  Sìì!!

For this shoot, we ventured out to the home of Dan Shears, Proprietor of The West of England Transportation Collection.  He lives in a breathtaking home right on the river with gorgeous views from all windows.  Not a bad place to spend the morning.  Thinking it would be a good change of pace to veer away from strictly shooting buses, this shoot featured a beautiful 1927 Austin 12 Seater Charabanc.  

My stylist told me it was a bit of a challenge to find dresses from the 1930’s but in the end she was able to do it, and with our model, Nicole’s beautifully classic features, she slid into the era perfectly.  She brought a natural elegance and grace to her poses and I just loved working with her.  It’s too bad Nicole doesn’t live in Seattle, because I would definitely book her again.

Trude Bosence, make-up and hair stylist extraordinaire, returned for her 2nd vintage shoot with us, and did a spectacular job perfecting Nicole’s look.  Trude, Kate and I had all worked together before, and Trude and Nicole had previously collaborated so we knew what to expect from each other.  Kate even brought her dog, Lennon, to participate and you would have thought he was a professional, he did so well.  Oh yeah, and the weather was perfect.  Six shoots in and we’ve not seen rain yet while in England.  To good to be true?  We’ll see.


Model:  Nicole de’Gabrielle

Stylist:  Kate Sly at
Fashion Farmer

MUA & Hair Stylist: 

Trude Bosence

Proprietor of the West of England TransportationCollection:  Dan Shears

Alexandra Gunnoe

Wardrobe Provided by: 
Vintage Tramp and Hay Does Vintage

Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

Seattle-based Commercial, Portrait and Wedding Photographer