A Seattle Photographer in England: 1950’s-Inspired Fashion Shoot (Behind-the-Scenes Video) by Alexandra Gunnoe

In my previous post I wrote a little blurb about the theme behind our 1950’s-Inspired Vintage Fashion Shoot.  And now I’ve put together a Behind-the-Scenes video showing what goes into shooting fashion on location.  We faced a few challenges, like not having a clean studio to set up in, and had to get electricity from a generator that took a very strong man to turn on.  There’s also the elements…being in Devon, that’s mostly wind and rain, and there was an incredible amount of it.  But we made it work and this is what we came up with.

Please watch in HD!!!!

Alexandra Gunnoe (Photographer)

Charli Mardon (Model)

Dan Shears (Proprietor of the WETC)

Kate Sly (Stylist at Fashion Farmer)

Nina Spinks (MUA & Hair Stylist)

Wardrobe Provided by: 
Hay Does Vintage & Vintage Tramp

Song by: My Bubba & Mi

*Disclaimer: I’m migrating my blog posts over from blogspot to AlexandraGunnoe.com and the dates are a bit different.