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  1. Seattle Photographer in England for a 1930’s-Inspired Fashion Shoot

    30 Sep 2015

    I really can’t say enough good things about our last vintage fashion shoot.  It was one of those times where all the details came together and it was a completely smooth experience.  I often try to prepare myself for a few things going wrong so if they do, I don’t…

  2. 1950’s Youth Culture Fashion Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

    04 Aug 2015

    Okay so we now have a few vintage fashion shoots under our belt.  My creative team has been amazing, far exceeding my expectations, and we’re really settling into a groove.  Our next shoot will be a 50’s Youth Culture themed shoot, with Brooke, the 16 year old girl I met…

  3. A Seattle Photographer in England: 1950’s-Inspired Fashion Shoot (Behind-the-Scenes Video) by Alexandra Gunnoe

    24 Jul 2015

    In my previous post I wrote a little blurb about the theme behind our 1950’s-Inspired Vintage Fashion Shoot.  And now I’ve put together a Behind-the-Scenes video showing what goes into shooting fashion on location.  We faced a few challenges, like not having a clean studio to set up in, and…

  4. 1950’s Vintage Fashion Photo Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

    24 Jul 2015

    Moving on from our last 1940’s-Inspired shoot, our next 1950’s-Inspired vintage fashion photography shoot went so, so well and I am really proud of what we pulled off.  There wasn’t as much stress as some of the earlier vintage bus shoots, as we had all worked together before, and I…

  5. Fashion Photography Mood Boards by Alexandra Gunnoe

    21 Jul 2015

    Not too long ago I decided to photograph 10 separate fashion shoots over a few months featuring gorgeous vintage buses from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. I held castings for models, hair stylists, fashion stylists, and makeup artists, and ended up gathering a really brilliant creative team to help me…

  6. Girl on a Bus by Alexandra Gunnoe

    21 Jul 2015

    As a photographer I’m constantly keeping my eyes open for interesting people to shoot.  And when I come across someone who inspires me I almost always have a card on hand.  This was not one of those times.  I was in the middle of the British countryside on a bus…

  7. A San Francisco Wedding by Alexandra Gunnoe

    21 Jul 2015

    I was recently a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in San Francisco.  It was a multi-day affair and I was able to get a quick portrait shoot in, as well as photograph some of the moments leading up to the ceremony, including the henna party.  Here are…