Before and After Vintage 60’s Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe Reviews

So our next vintage bus shoot ended up being inspired by the 60’s and we had a beautiful model, Charlotte who just slid into the era perfectly.  Instead of shooting in Devon, we drove the 1959 double-decker Leyland up to Somerset, England, (specifically Quantock Hills).  I was the only passenger in the bus while Dan Shears, proprietor of the West of England Transportation Collection, drove, and we definitely received some rock star attention along the way with everyone waving and honking at us.  Despite getting stuck when the bus was too big to make it under one of the tiny country bridges, we finally made it to the location and got to work.  My stylist, Kate Sly, and MUA/Hair-Stylist, Nina Spinks, really did an amazing job getting Charlotte camera ready with amazing dresses and a fabulous bee-hive. 

I’ll post most of the photos in my next blog post but for now here is a Before and After of my retouching process.  I added a tiny bit of blue to the shadows, in addition to some basic color-correction in Lightroom.  I wanted to recreate a vintage look so in Photoshop I added a light salmon color to the highlights, a soft teal to the shadows and added some faint light leaks.  I then masked the actions away from the model’s face to preserve her skin tone.  I usually have to edit myself and use only 5-10% opacity on my actions, otherwise you can really over-process the images without meaning to.  Finally, I liquified the model’s dress, dodged and burned, added a tiny glow to the interior bus lights and adjusted curves and contrast.

*Disclaimer: I’m migrating my blog posts over from blogspot to and the dates are a little different.

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