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  1. Seattle Photographer in England for a 1930’s-Inspired Fashion Shoot

    30 Sep 2015

    I really can’t say enough good things about our last vintage fashion shoot.  It was one of those times where all the details came together and it was a completely smooth experience.  I often try to prepare myself for a few things going wrong so if they do, I don’t…

  2. Alexandra Gunnoe Photography in VOGUE Italia

    31 Aug 2015

    Last week we had one of the most rewarding photo shoots and I can’t wait to share the images from the day.  But first let me share some great news… I submitted some of our final images to VOGUE Italia Online and they have been published.  Once they are approved…

  3. A Grease-Inspired Photo Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

    22 Aug 2015

    If you’ve been reading my blogs, you might remember I met this stunning girl on a bus in the middle of the British countryside and did a test shoot with her in an abandoned control tower from WWII in Devon.  For a Seattle photographer used to a completely different backdrop…

  4. A Bit of Press, Thanks to Jalopnik

    15 Aug 2015

    This bit of press happened awhile ago but I’ve been so busy with editing and shoots that I’m late with the news.  Los Angeles-based writer, Jason Torchinsky, put together this article on Jalopnik, a popular car enthusiast website, detailing The Vintage Bus Project.  As the article discusses, we did end…

  5. 1950’s Youth Culture Fashion Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

    04 Aug 2015

    Okay so we now have a few vintage fashion shoots under our belt.  My creative team has been amazing, far exceeding my expectations, and we’re really settling into a groove.  Our next shoot will be a 50’s Youth Culture themed shoot, with Brooke, the 16 year old girl I met…

  6. Before and After Vintage 60’s Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe Reviews

    27 Jul 2015

    So our next vintage bus shoot ended up being inspired by the 60’s and we had a beautiful model, Charlotte who just slid into the era perfectly.  Instead of shooting in Devon, we drove the 1959 double-decker Leyland up to Somerset, England, (specifically Quantock Hills).  I was the only passenger…

  7. 1950’s Vintage Fashion Photo Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

    24 Jul 2015

    Moving on from our last 1940’s-Inspired shoot, our next 1950’s-Inspired vintage fashion photography shoot went so, so well and I am really proud of what we pulled off.  There wasn’t as much stress as some of the earlier vintage bus shoots, as we had all worked together before, and I…

  8. 1940’s-Inspired Vintage Bus Photo Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

    23 Jul 2015

    I put together a little slideshow from our 1940’s/1950’s British vintage bus shoot.  And in case you missed it, please read the back story on how the model didn’t show up but we still made it work Please watch in HD!!! Credits: Photographer:  Alexandra Gunnoe Model:  Kate Sly Stylist:  Kate…

  9. When the Model Cancels on your Shoot at the 11th Hour by Alexandra Gunnoe

    22 Jul 2015

    I knew the first shoot went too well.  Everyone was professional, friendly and on time.  It set up my expectations for smooth sailing from there on out, but now I know better.  Don’t get me wrong, this 1940’s inspired shoot ended up great.  But I almost had a nervous breakdown…