A Bit of Press, Thanks to Jalopnik

This bit of press happened awhile ago but I’ve been so busy with editing and shoots that I’m late with the news.  Los Angeles-based writer, Jason Torchinsky, put together this article on Jalopnik, a popular car enthusiast website, detailing The Vintage Bus Project

As the article discusses, we did end up turning these fashion shoots into a 2015 calendar and it sold in stores in the US, UK, as well as online.  It even made it onto the shelves of The British Pantry in Redmond, a shop I’ve been going to since I was little.  We also sold the calendar at The West of England Transportation Collection’s Open Day, a time when thousands come from all over England to see the incredible collection of vintage buses.

So exciting!!

*Disclaimer: I’m migrating my blog posts over from blogspot to AlexandraGunnoe.com and the dates are a little different.

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